Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Long Wait, Long Travel. . .

We were waiting for the Cebu flight in NAIA airport. We were totally tired. I played with my LX3 again. I loved doing my spontaneous self-portraits of me.

BW Dynamic, manual mode

Color (I can't remember if I used Standard or Dynamic), manual mode

Another bokeh photo, manual mode (I photoshopped my bw dynamic pic into sepia color).

Monday, November 30, 2009

Night Shots

After I finished my crazy colored comic project, I was totally tired and hungry, hungry, hungry... My relatives, mama, Erica and I went out for eating foods in the street food place. My sister Erica drove with us... Weeee lights lights... STAR TREK! I was playing with shake photography, so so so fun! I wanted to test taking night shots. I love them! Aperture-priority mode, handheld

I love "bokeh" stuff. So magical yet cool. Aperture-priority mode, handheld

During brownout, we were so bored so I did my long exposure pics again. It looks creepy but at least I don't see any ghosts in my pic, hoho. In fact, it was a 24-hour brownout day before my grandfather Pops' death anniversary. I miss him so much. Manual mode, tripod + wide angle lens

My glass. Burp. Manual mode, handheld

And ahhh... I always look at the night sky that makes me feel special and comfortable. I thank God for everything. This is my goodnight picture to all of you. Too bad, I haven't seen shooting stars yet. Manual mode, long exposure + tripod + wide angle lens

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I love wide angle lens

I bought a new wide angle lens (surprising, I didn't know that another macro lens too!) + lens adapter from Silienation store for my LX3. I love them!

I used a wide angle lens without macro & I was surprised that it looked like a fish-eye style. That's where I live near my beach in La Union. Scene mode, Pinhole effect.

Kat, who is a sweet daughter of my caretaker, enjoyed modeling. I taught her how to be modeling naturally. Manual mode, dynamic BW, with wide angle + macro lens.

My peaceful house. I love doing my long exposure. Manual mode, long exposure + self timer, with angle + macro lens.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


My work progress for G1988 show

My latest pieces for the upcoming art show in G1988, San Francisco, California. Oh dang, I love my LX3 Macro!

And the last pic of me, again.

Orange / Warm Theme

I love orange color that makes me feel warm and cheerful. I used manual settings again.

I always look at the sunset and keep saying to the sun "Hello Mr. Sun! Thanks for making me look tanned!"

It's me. Hmm, too dramatic, eh?

Hello Kitty stuff in my sister Erica's room.

I dig on Pinhole mode

Which is better? I think I like Pinhole mode. I'm in awe with my LX3. Erica was playing with Facebook games at my mama's apartment.

Manual Mode, Dynamic.

Manual Mode, Dynamic BW.

Scenery mode, Pinhole. It looks vintage style.

My travel in Baguio City

I went to Baguio City with my sister Erica and mama past days ago. I was so happy that my LX3 is super light and compact dslr whatever I go anywhere!

Raining in Mines View. Manual Mode, Dynamic BW.

My sister Erica in SM Baguio. Scenery mode.

We went back to La Union. My pics got a lil' bit blurry 'coz my mama drove fast.
Manual Mode.

Finally, we came home. I saw a full moon and it made me happy. I laid down on a dirty cement ground and took pic for 3 seconds. Got blurry again, I forgot to bring my tripod or to do self-timer. Anyway, after taking pics, I enjoyed staring at the innocent moon while singing. Manual Mode.


Flame is a grand daughter of my past persian cat pet Abu. She's so friendly, cheerful and active... just like me, I think. She seems to enjoy my taking pics, ah? Manual Mode, Dynamic BW.

My First LX3 Test Shots

I learned how to use my LX3 for two days. I loved to use manual mode. LX3 rules!

Her name is Sheen. She's a daughter of my house caretaker. She played with her cellphone when I took picture of her.

My garden. I can't stop taking pics of Nature.

Gloomy? Mysterious? Both. It was 5:30 PM at my house.

Again, I found another cute leaf in my mossed ground.

My mini alphabet stamps. I dig on Macro Mode, I thank to LX3 'coz I don't need to buy an expensive Nikkor macro lens for my Nikon D90.

My New Beginning

I finally bought my new toy, Lumix LX3. I named him "Ragnus". Remember, I'm not a professional photographer but I love doing my documentary photography. Hope you guys keep visiting my new photography blog!