Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I love wide angle lens

I bought a new wide angle lens (surprising, I didn't know that another macro lens too!) + lens adapter from Silienation store for my LX3. I love them!

I used a wide angle lens without macro & I was surprised that it looked like a fish-eye style. That's where I live near my beach in La Union. Scene mode, Pinhole effect.

Kat, who is a sweet daughter of my caretaker, enjoyed modeling. I taught her how to be modeling naturally. Manual mode, dynamic BW, with wide angle + macro lens.

My peaceful house. I love doing my long exposure. Manual mode, long exposure + self timer, with angle + macro lens.


  1. You've definitely taken your photography to the next level. Really impressive - the last 3 shots remind me of the layout designs from Tekkon Kinkreet; either that or from some French noir cop drama.

  2. These photos completely hold our attention by its sheer beauty and the emotions that they convey. The two photos with Kat can be timeless captures because of its cinematic feeling. We love how you pictured her hair in the wind.

    Something that is amazingly appealing in your photography is the way that we can relate to the spaces and emotions that you portray. You are a fantastic photographer because you manage to bring us the beauty in all that surrounds us.

    Thank you for sharing such amazing work!


    - Pat and Susana

  3. Hi Mall!
    I'm looking for a wide lens convertor for my LX3, what's yours?
    Great pics!!