Thursday, November 12, 2009

I dig on Pinhole mode

Which is better? I think I like Pinhole mode. I'm in awe with my LX3. Erica was playing with Facebook games at my mama's apartment.

Manual Mode, Dynamic.

Manual Mode, Dynamic BW.

Scenery mode, Pinhole. It looks vintage style.

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  1. Yeah that pinhole mode looks awesome. If you wanted to get more color saturation like what's in the first picutre, I'd think you can just up the saturation levels of color in iphoto on the Pinhole picture. I love how the Pinhole picture shows you all of the details of the white pillow. It looks more like you walked into the room, and less like a picture out of TIME magazine. Like old film quality. Neat! I love to see the comparisons between one setting and another setting.

    We just yesterday got our Nikon D90 back from the Nikon shop where they were fixing it under warranty! It wasn't working and it had error messages.