Thursday, November 12, 2009

My travel in Baguio City

I went to Baguio City with my sister Erica and mama past days ago. I was so happy that my LX3 is super light and compact dslr whatever I go anywhere!

Raining in Mines View. Manual Mode, Dynamic BW.

My sister Erica in SM Baguio. Scenery mode.

We went back to La Union. My pics got a lil' bit blurry 'coz my mama drove fast.
Manual Mode.

Finally, we came home. I saw a full moon and it made me happy. I laid down on a dirty cement ground and took pic for 3 seconds. Got blurry again, I forgot to bring my tripod or to do self-timer. Anyway, after taking pics, I enjoyed staring at the innocent moon while singing. Manual Mode.

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